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  Hi, I am Patrick Keith, some of you know me and others don't, so I will use this page to try to bring you up to speed.  I have spent the last few years trying to help people in the animal industry to succeed when dealing with regulatory groups like USDA and State Agencies, 

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My Story

I have always been someone who enjoys assisting people and causes. During my tenure with USDA Animal Care 2012-2020, I work as a Compliance Specialist, now that has many definitions but the one I chose was the one where I sought to help licensee succeed and even benefit from being licensed. Needless to say that was a challenge while working for a regulatory agency. I believe in the 80/20 rule. My version is 10% have not issues and things just move along really well. Also 10% will never be compliant and really do care to be. But the 80% well they can range from I want to be but don't know how, to I really don't care if I am or not. These are the folks I like to work with. Those that once they understand the reason they are regulate, are willing to change to those that want very much to be the best breeder, broker or exhibitor they can be.


Now my story is long and boring, so I will keep it short. I have been blessed to work compliance in three industries since 2002. Federal Security, Automotive Manufacturing, and Animal Care. You would think that these could not be further apart, but they are all very similar. All three have state and federal regulations, all three have inspections from outside groups and all three have groups that want to see them fundamentally changed.


Today I own and manage Innovative Compliance and Coaching. A company I designed to bridge the gap between compliance and excellence. I believe in Continuous Quality Improvement and I believe most people in the animal industry truly want to be the best they can be. 

I am a Veteran of 23 years of service 



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